Digital Mobile Radiography

Eh’s Digital mobile Radiography system moves around challenging spaces in Operation rooms
Emergency departments and ICU’s and general departments with freedom and ease.
32 kW power and the double-focus X-ray tube allow to capture X-ray images-
of all body areas with a high level of detail.
The collimator integrates several accessories of great use to the operator
such as the meter for measuring the focal distance, pediatric filters
dual line laser for detecting the reference focal distance.
Digital Mobile System has integrated with 35x43 wireless flat panel detector.
In case of digital acquisition, the image processing takes into account
the selected anatomical region and the patient size, thus ensuring the best display for the selected body part.
DICOM functions allow at any time to interface with the RIS / PACS for-
carrying out operations such as sending images to the archive, receiving the Worklist,...
The digital images can be exported in DICOM format on optical or USB media.